Time to add some color to my balcony and support the local wildlife (I guess that’s pretty much bees)! Though I already missed the nice weather in June I now finally have to to build two flower boxes for my balcony.

As they will be exposed to the weather all year and I don’t plan to bring them in over the winter I decided to make the plant pots out of some rather cheap T&G cladding boards. Not the best quality and most of the time slightly bend. But still if you glue seem well enough, plan and sand them you can get a nice enough finish for some outdoor plant plots.

The bottom is slightly tilted and has a small gap towards one side of the pot. That allows surplus water to run off easily. Other than that there not much special about the boxes. I went for a corse and simple finger joint to connect the sides. It makes a nice design and keeps the whole frame stable. To protect the wood from the weather I coated it with an oil finish. That also gave the pots some color. They turned out a bit too orange for my taste but I think over time this will fade away some more. I’m not sure how long the wood will last but for the price I paid in the end every thibg beyond a year is worth it.