Moritz Pflanzer

Over the last decades Machine Learning has always been a hot topic. Though it was limited to "simple" problem classes and only available to those who could afford the vast computing resources. Now this finally seems to have changed. Since I joined the Visual Compute at ARM last year there has been an increasing demand of Machine Learning on mobile platforms. (Though I'm not yet sure if can claim the there is a significant correlation between me starting to work in this area and the increasing popularity. :P)

Recently the team I'm working in open-sourced the ARM Compute Library on GitHub. It provides optimised Computer Vision and, of course, Machine Learning functions for the ARM architecture. All functions are available as for the CPU implemented with NEON SIMD intrinsics and for the GPU as OpenCL kernels. The library contains everything necessary to build the current state-of-the-art Convolutional Neuronal Networks. There is also a blog post in the ARM Community that provides a more comprehensive overview over the features and performance of the library.

Of course it's not all about the work I'm doing at ARM. Besides the current focus on Machine Learning I'm still following the topic of automated generation and reduction of buggy OpenCL kernels. But unfortunately there haven't been much time to actively contribute the ongoing research. Some other hobby projects required some more attention after having been neglected for a while. For once there is SplitShow, a presentation tool for which I've taken ownership during my studies. It allows to distribute LaTeX beamer presentations (and lately PDFs in general) onto multiple display. For instance, it allows to show notes on the presenters laptop while projecting the presentation to the audience. Oh, and have you ever heard of Dobble and wondered how to construct arbitrary sets which follow the game's rules? Or do you remember the Game of Life and think that such a classic game should be available on a real classic platform? And of course there's always the one or the other thing that let's you expand your horizon beyond computer science. I won't spoil all the details right know but I'm hoping I will be able to add some more interesting stuff to the projects page in the future.

Got curious about something I mentioned or something you always wanted to know? Feel free to contact me such that we can have a chat.