Moritz Pflanzer

In September 2015 I successfully completed my postgraduate studies in Advanced Computing (Computer Science) at Imperial College London and have been awarded with a Master's degree (MSc). Previously I finished my undergraduate studies (BSc) at University Bielefeld in the field of Cognitive Computer Science.

Being interested in Computer Science since many years, I participated three times in the German research competition called Jugend forscht. Together with a friend of mine I had a look at the applications of Benford's law and the problem of autonomous music composition. Further, I took the chance to work at a local company developing iOS applications during the semester breaks of my undergraduate studies.

Now, after I finished my postgraduate studies it is time to leave university. For the moment I decided against doing a Phd and started working for ARM Ltd in Cambridge from October on. I am happy to have found a job that fits my interests and moreover connects closely to my Master's project in the field of graphics processing with OpenCL.

Not surprisingly, I am interested in High Performance and Parallel Computing in general and especially in challenges involving low-level programming and development tasks. Besides, optimisation of algorithms and innovative fields of Computer Science are also areas in which I like to develop further. So, if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me such that we can have a chat.