Maybe you already heard about the so called “Bielefeld conspiracy”. In short, it says that Bielefeld doesn’t really exists and is just a fabrication of “THEM” to hide their doings. It all started in 1994 with a Usenet post1 of Achim Held. If you never heard of it, bear with me. At the end of this post you’ll get the gist.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the conspiracy this year, the Bielefeld Marketing group organized the #Bielefeldmillion competition.2 They challenged everyone to send them a proof that Bielefeld indeed does not exist and promised one million Euros for the first to send a correct proof. Proofing something that is (obviously) wrong (or not?) is in fact hard so they felt pretty safe about their promise. And it seems like they were proved right. According to them, none of the more than 2000 submissions included a successful proof that Bielefeld doesn’t exist. Or do they belong to “THEM” and would have never admitted that there was a correct proof? I guess we will never know but it’s definitely adding more questions to the conspiracy.

With that many submissions they couldn’t publish all of them. But since I had quite some fun in writing my “proof” I’d like to share it anyway. Maybe it will also entertain someone else for a couple of minutes. And better I share my gained knowledge about “THEM” before they find a way to let me disappear, right? ;-) So following is my submission and at the end of the post there is a PDF version for download.

URGENT: New findings about Bielefeld. Complete proof will follow ASAP.

While working on a formal “ad absurdum” proof that Bielefeld doesn’t exist I stumbled over some shocking information I feel I need to share before it’s too late. I’m absolutely sure that “SIE” already know about my findings and will do everything to prevent me from finishing my proof and publishing my results. Thus I’ll quickly send these preliminary results before I finish the complete proof. Please find below a summary of the latest and most important revelations about the city of Bielefeld.

I was pondering over the true meaning of the name “Bielefeld” when I made an astonishing discovery. By translating the city’s name into various languages, using different alphabets and numeric encodings I hoped to reveal new information about “SIE” which would finally lead to the definite proof of Bielefeld’s non-existence. Unfortunately, all of my attempts turned out to be dead ends. So when I finally looked at the name’s morse code representation my hopes of success reached rock bottom and I didn’t expect to find anything relevant anymore. Bielefeld But wait, after removing all letter boundaries and regrouping the dits and dahs differently the code suddenly takes on a completely new meaning. BEST HAVE AI Funny, that’s a weird coincidence. But what if it’s actually no coincidence after all? Is it rather a bad joke that “SIE” fabricated into the myth around Bielefeld? After all, in the field of software development you hear about hidden easter eggs from time to time. Like the one in the Android OS where you have to tap the version number several times in a row to reveal a small animation or a mini game. So are “SIE” actually a computer program like Skynet and Bielefeld is just a modification in the Matrix which doesn’t exist in reality?

Before jumping to any conclusions I again went over the history of Bielefeld to see if I could find more puzzles or hidden information. Starting backward from the modern times, I finally arrived in 1214. The year Count Hermann supposedly founded the city. At that time, according to written records, the city’s name was “Biliuelde” rather than the modern “Bielefeld”. This time I directly started with writing it down in it’s morse code representation. Biliuelde I quickly removed all inter-letter spacing and tried some different regroupings, until THE AI SET FREE Er…what?! I couldn’t believe it! After all this time of searching for information about the conspiracy apparently the name itself turned out to be the key to everything. It can’t be just another coincidence, right? But no, that’s impossible. The first mentioning of the term “AI” is dated back to 1956, so a long time after Bielefeld or rather “Biliuelde” had been founded. And not to forget that morse code itself was not invented before 1837.

To me it’s clear now. In 1214 when Biliuelde was founded “SIE” actually created a mighty artificial intelligence and hid their existence and doings behind what became later known as the Bielefeld conspiracy. But that’s not all: On top of their secret intrigues they felt save enough and mocked everyone by including hints first in the founding name and then later again when the city was renamed.

Achim Held already knew it 25 years ago. And now it’s my turn to spread the truth about the non-existence of Bielefeld in the real world and its sole purpose of keeping the people away from “SIE”. After I’ve sent out this message I’ll continue my work on the final proof. This new evidence adds valuable information to my already collected facts. I hope “SIE” haven’t noticed how close I’ve come to unveil their secret. I will send further updates as soon a…oh, not good. Not good at all! Need to leave. will hide more information at a safe place pleas elet everuvidy knwo abuot fniding beore its to ltae



  2. In my opinion one of the best marketing campaigns I’ve seen so far